Winter Workouts


Happy new year!  Welcome to 2019.  I have been extremely proud of the players this winter and the work that they have already put in to ready themselves for the upcoming spring season.  

I get asked a lot about how the turnout of players has been.  I tell them that we have a smaller group than in the past but largely due to the fact that we have more winter sport athletes in the program than in recent years which makes for a smaller group.  We couldn't be happier that many of our athletes are playing other sports and becoming better all around athletes and learning to take lessons learned from one sport to another.  The research and opinions of high level coaches and athletes is overwhelming in favor of athletes playing multiple sports.

With the lower number, it is allowing our players that have been around to get the work they need and I couldn't be happier with the foundation they are setting for all of us once the spring season officially gets underway in late February.