Banner Sponsorships

Having businesses purchase a banner to be displayed along our walkway is a great way for them to advertise and a great way for Niwot Baseball to raise money.  All team members and parents are being asked to help.    

PARTICIPATE…  Please contact any small business owners you know and ask them to sponsor us with a banner purchase.  Local merchants, your insurance agent, dentist, chiropractor, orthopedic surgeon, or whoever you regularly encounter in the local community… these are all good leads.  If you work for a company, please ask them if they will sponsor our team.  Many companies have policies set up so they can do just that.  

Because these are high dollar sales at $400, if we each make just one we will very quickly and easily reach our fund raising goal for the season.  It is truly not that hard to find someone who will buy a banner – but you must ask in order to make a sale.  Please make it a goal within your family to successfully find at least one sponsor.  

Also, keep in mind that we are always willing to accept smaller donations.  If someone wants to help, but doesn’t want to spend the minimum $400 for a banner, we are happy to accept smaller donations. 

WHEN YOU MAKE A SALE…  Please provide the company name, phone, email and the name of the contact person.     I will then contact the customer, thank them and work with them to get their artwork for the banner.  Once you’ve provided all the necessary information you are done!  

CONTACT INFORMATION…  Contact Adam Strah at for more information if needed.